20 April 2024
Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods

Elin Nordegren: Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife and Former Nanny

Elin Nordegren is the ex-wife of professional golfer Tiger Woods and a former nanny. She has a net worth of $200 million, received as part of her divorce settlement.


Who is Elin Nordegren?

Elin Nordegren
Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 1, 1980. She began working odd jobs and modeling in 2000.

Later, she became involved in the golfing community after meeting Jesper and Mia Parnevik, a professional golfer and his wife, who employed her as a nanny in the United States.

How old is Elin Nordegren?

Elin Nordegren is currently 43 years old, born on January 1, 1980.

What’s Elin Nordegren’s net worth?

Elin has a fortune of $200 million, received from her divorce settlement with Tiger Woods.

What’s Elin Nordegren’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Elin Nordegren is a 43-year-old Swedish national of White ethnicity. She currently resides in Windermere, Florida, USA.

Who is Elin Nordegren’s husband?

Elin Nordegren was married to Tiger Woods. They got married in 2004 at the Shady Lane Resort in Barbados.

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Does Elin Nordegren have any kids?

Yes, Elin and Tiger Woods have two children: a daughter named Sam Alexis Woods (born 2007) and a son named Charlie Axel Woods (born 2009). They share the responsibility of caring for their two children.

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren Children: Sam and Charlie
Elin Nordegren, Tiger woods, and their children


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What was the reason for Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods’ divorce? The couple’s divorce was a result of Tiger Woods’ well-publicized infidelity scandal in 2009. Reports of Woods’ extramarital affairs surfaced, leading to the breakdown of their marriage.

2. How much did Elin Nordegren receive in her divorce settlement from Tiger Woods? Elin Nordegren received a significant settlement of $200 million as part of her divorce agreement with Tiger Woods.

3. Is Elin Nordegren currently married or in a relationship? As of the latest available information, Elin Nordegren has not been publicly reported to be married or in a relationship.

4. What is Elin Nordegren’s occupation or profession after her divorce from Tiger Woods? After her divorce from Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren has maintained a relatively private life. There are no publicly known details about her current occupation or profession.

5. Does Elin Nordegren still have a relationship with Tiger Woods following their divorce? After their divorce, Elin and Tiger have focused on co-parenting their two children and maintaining a cordial relationship for their sake. However, details of their personal relationship remain private.

6. Does Elin Nordegren have any social media accounts? As of now, there are no publicly known official social media accounts for Elin Nordegren. She has chosen to keep a low profile and stay away from the public eye.

7. What is Elin Nordegren’s current residence? Elin Nordegren currently resides in Windermere, Florida, USA. She has been living in the area for several years.

8. How did Elin Nordegren meet Tiger Woods? Elin Nordegren met Tiger Woods in 2001 during the Open Championship. She was working as a nanny for golfer Jesper Parnevik’s family at the time, and Tiger Woods was also competing in the tournament.

9. Does Elin Nordegren have any other children apart from the ones with Tiger Woods? As of now, Elin Nordegren has not been publicly reported to have any other children apart from her two children with Tiger Woods, Sam, and Charlie.

10. What is Elin Nordegren’s involvement in charity work or philanthropy? Elin Nordegren has kept her charitable endeavors private, and there is limited publicly available information about her involvement in charity work or philanthropy.

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