11 December 2023
Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz, an American R&B singer, has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. Since his debut in 2013, Faiyaz has gained recognition for his collaboration on the hit song “Crew” by GoldLink, which achieved 6x Platinum certification by the RIAA and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Brent Faiyaz
Brent Faiyaz

Rising Stardom and Chart-Topping Hits

In 2021, Faiyaz released several successful singles, including “Wasting Time” featuring Drake and The Neptunes, “Gravity” with Dj Dahi and Tyler, the Creator, and “Mercedes.” All of these songs made their way onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Strong Social Media Presence

Brent Faiyaz
Brent Faiyaz

With a massive fanbase, Faiyaz boasts approximately 3.5 million followers on Instagram (@brentfaiyaz), 576K followers on Twitter (@brentfaiyaz), and 1.2 million followers on TikTok (@brentfaiyaz). He leverages these platforms to promote his music and endorsement deals.

Brent Faiyaz
Brent Faiyaz

Collaborations and Record Labels

Faiyaz has collaborated with various artists, including Drake, Gucci Mane, Shy Glizzy, Juice Wrld, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, and many others. He has worked with record labels such as Lost Kids, Venice, and Stem, showcasing his versatility and musical prowess.

Brent Faiyaz’s Net Worth

Faiyaz’s net worth primarily stems from his career as a singer, encompassing album sales, features, live concerts, tours, endorsement deals, and more. As a record producer, he has also worked on projects for himself and other artists. Faiyaz earns additional income from online streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, AudioMack, and SoundCloud. His YouTube channel, with over 1.2 million subscribers, contributes to his earnings through ad monetization.

Brent Faiyaz
Brent Faiyaz

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born Christopher Brent Wood on September 19, 1995 (28 years), in Columbia, Maryland, Faiyaz developed a passion for music at a young age. Despite initial disapproval from his parents, he pursued his dream of becoming a musician. He moved from his hometown to North Carolina and later settled in Los Angeles, California, to further his music career.

Musical Style and Influences

Faiyaz cites Lauryn Hill as a significant influence, and he regards her as one of the most influential musicians of her generation. He draws inspiration from artists such as Currensy, Lil Wayne, Gil Scott-Heron, and Curtis Mayfield.

Brent Faiyaz
Brent Faiyaz

Career Highlights

Faiyaz has released several albums, EPs, and singles throughout his career, including “Sonder Son,” “Wasteland,” and “Fuck the World.” These projects have garnered attention and solidified his position in the music industry.


Upcoming Projects and Growth

As of the time of this publication, Faiyaz is working on a new album titled “Make It Out Alive.” In July 2021, he released a new single called “Wasting Time” featuring rapper Drake. Additionally, he was featured on “The Melodic Blue (Lost Souls)” by Baby Keem and appeared on “If Orange Was A Place (Found)” by Tems. Faiyaz continues to release new music, showcasing his artistic evolution and growth.

Brent Faiyaz
Brent Faiyaz

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Brent Faiyaz’s Net Worth? Brent Faiyaz has accumulated a net worth of $2 million. The R&B singer garnered his wealth from his profession as an artist. He makes earnings through album sales, features, live concerts, record deals, tours, and many more.

What Is the Real Name of Brent Faiyaz? He is well known on stage as Brent Faiyaz but was born Christopher Brent Wood.

What Is the Real Age of Brent Faiyaz? Brent Faiyaz was born on September 19, 1995, in Columbia, Maryland, United States. Currently, Brent Faiyaz is 27 years old.

What Are Some of Brent Faiyaz’s Studio Albums and EPs? Brent Faiyaz has released several notable projects, including:

Studio Albums: “Sonder Son” (2017) and “Wasteland” (2022).

EPs: “Black Child EP” (2013), “A.M Paradox” (2016), “Into” (with Sonder, 2017), “Lost” (2018), “Fuck The World” (2020), and “Too Late To Die Young” (with Sonder, 2022).

What Are Some of Brent Faiyaz’s Popular Singles? Some of Brent Faiyaz’s popular singles include “Allure,” “Invite Me,” “Too Fast,” “Gravity,” “Wasting Time,” and “Mercedes.”

Who Are Some Artists Brent Faiyaz Has Collaborated With? Brent Faiyaz has collaborated with various artists, including Drake, Gucci Mane, Shy Glizzy, Juice Wrld, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Don Toliver, and many others. His versatile style has allowed him to work with both rappers and singers.

What Are Brent Faiyaz’s Musical Influences? Brent Faiyaz has cited Lauryn Hill as a significant influence on his singing career. He has also mentioned artists such as Currensy, Lil Wayne, Gil Scott-Heron, and Curtis Mayfield as inspirations for his musical style.


Brent Faiyaz’s success in the music industry has earned him a net worth of $2 million. With his distinct R&B sound, collaborations with notable artists, and dedicated fanbase, Faiyaz continues to make waves in the industry. As he further explores his musical talents and ventures into new projects, his net worth, and popularity are likely to grow in the coming years.

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