11 December 2023
Andy Lee

Andy Lee with his girlfriend

Andy Lee is a prominent Australian comedian, musician, and children’s writer who was born on May 24, 1981 (42 years old), in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is the middle child of his parents, Michael and Margaret Lee, with an older brother named Cameron and a younger sister named Alex Miles.

Andy Lee
Andy Lee

Lee attended Balwyn Primary School and later Camberwell Grammar School. During his school years, he was also involved in the Scouting Movement, performing in shows like Camberwell Showtime and Melbourne Gang Show.

In 2001, while studying Commerce at the University of Melbourne, Andy Lee met his comedic partner, Hamish Blake, and together they formed the famous comedy duo Hamish & Andy. Their collaboration has led to immense success and popularity over the years.


Andy Lee’s career in comedy took off with the formation of Hamish & Andy, a comedy duo known for their hilarious radio and TV shows. They hosted the national drive-time radio program “Hamish & Andy” on the Hit Network, which garnered a significant audience share, reaching around 20%, a record for a national FM show in Australia. They later transitioned to a weekly Friday show to pursue other opportunities.

Andy Lee
Andy Lee

Apart from radio, Andy Lee has also ventured into the music industry. He was a founding member of the Melbourne band Zoophyte, along with his brother Cameron. Although he retired from the band in 2007 due to other commitments, he occasionally appears as a guest at gigs.

Andy’s creativity extends beyond comedy and music. He released the educational times table CD, “The Sing-Along Times Table CD Book,” which showcased his talent for writing and entertaining children.

Net Worth

Andy Lee’s successful career in comedy and entertainment has significantly contributed to his net worth. As of now, his estimated net worth is around $5 million.


Andy Lee And Rebecca Harding
Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding

Andy Lee’s romantic life has been a subject of interest for many fans and followers. He was previously in a relationship with model Megan Gale, but they broke up in 2010. In January 2015, it was revealed that he was dating Rebecca Harding, a model and PR Graduate. Although they had a brief split in 2016, they later reconciled and have been going strong since then. As of 2021, there are rumors that they may be engaged.

TV Show: “Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year” and “True Story with Hamish & Andy”

Apart from their successful radio career, Andy Lee and Hamish Blake also made a mark in television with their popular shows.

The Hundred with Andy Lee
Andy Lee

Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year“: “Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year” is a travel documentary series hosted by Andy Lee and Hamish Blake. In this show, the comedic duo embarks on adventurous and humorous journeys to various destinations around the world. They explore different cultures, participate in local customs, and interact with the locals, all while adding their signature comedic touch to the experiences. The show received critical acclaim and was widely loved by audiences for its entertaining and light-hearted approach to travel.

True Story with Hamish & Andy“: In this show, Andy Lee and Hamish Blake delve into real-life stories submitted by ordinary people, who recount their bizarre, extraordinary, and often hilarious experiences. The duo then recreates these stories with the help of actors, bringing them to life in a unique and comedic way. “True Story with Hamish & Andy” became a hit due to its engaging storytelling and the comedic chemistry between the hosts.

These TV shows added to the duo’s immense popularity and further solidified their status as beloved comedians in Australia and beyond. Their ability to entertain audiences both on the radio and television has made them iconic figures in the Australian entertainment industry.


Andy Lee comes from a close-knit family. His parents are Michael and Margaret Lee. He has an older brother named Cameron, with whom he started the band Zoophyte, and a younger sister named Alex Miles, who is involved in writing and comedy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Andy Lee? Andy Lee was born on May 24, 1981, which makes him 40 years old as of 2022.

What is Andy Lee’s height and weight? Andy Lee stands tall at 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) and weighs around 185-190 lbs. (83-86 kg).

Is Andy Lee married? As of the latest information available, Andy Lee is in a relationship with Rebecca Harding, but they are not married yet.

What is Andy Lee’s occupation? Andy Lee is a well-known comedian and musician.

What is Andy Lee’s net worth? As of 2022, Andy Lee’s estimated net worth is around $5 million.

Did Andy Lee and Hamish Blake retire from their radio show? In 2011, Andy Lee and Hamish Blake cut back their radio show “Hamish & Andy” to a weekly Friday show to explore other opportunities.

What other shows has Andy Lee appeared on? Apart from radio, Andy Lee has appeared on TV shows like “Good News Week” and “The Cube,” showcasing his versatility and success in the entertainment industry.

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