11 December 2023
Adam Schiff wife

Adam Schiff wife


Eve Schiff: An Insight into the Life of Adam Schiff’s Wife

Discover the intriguing life of Eve Schiff, renowned social worker and table tennis enthusiast, born on December 12, 1962. She is famously known as the wife of prominent American politician, Adam Schiff, currently serving as the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Eve Schiff: A Talented Tennis Player

Eve Schiff’s journey includes a remarkable stint as a talented tennis player in her youth. While she initially aspired to pursue a career in professional tennis, her priorities shifted as she embraced motherhood.

Who is Eve Schiff, Adam Schiff’s wife?

Eve Schiff, married to Adam Schiff, represents a private and philanthropic persona. She tends to steer clear of the media spotlight, focusing on personal matters. Learn more about this intriguing figure.

Eve Schiff’s Physical Attributes

Eve Schiff stands at a height of 1.63 meters (5 feet 4 inches) and weighs approximately 56 kilograms (124 pounds). Her vital statistics are 34-23-33. She boasts striking black hair and captivating dark brown eyes.

Eve Schiff’s Biography

Adam Schiff wife
Adam Schiff wife

Eve Sanderson, born in 1960 in Massachusetts, has been discreet about revealing specific details about her early life. She is one of three siblings, with her mother, Marion Sanderson, withholding her father’s name. While attending the University of California, her field of study remains undisclosed. She graduated from Torrey Pines High School.

Eve Schiff’s Net Worth

Despite her husband’s successful political career, Eve Schiff has carved out her own financial standing. Her estimated net worth was around $300,000 at the beginning of 2020. In contrast, Adam Schiff’s net worth is believed to be approximately $1.5 million.

Eve Schiff’s Career


Eve Schiff’s professional endeavors include working as a social worker and managing their home. Her background in sociology aligns well with her role as a social worker. She has a history of volunteering, having served on multiple PTA committees simultaneously during their time in California and even continuing her volunteer work in Washington, D.C.

Adam and Eve Schiff: A Lasting Union

Full biography of Adam Schiff's wife, Eve Schiff - DNB Stories

Adam Schiff and Eve Schiff tied the knot in 1995 after five years of courtship. Their love story began on a tennis court in Maria Del Rey, where a mutual acquaintance arranged a tennis match for them. The couple has two children, including Alexa Maria, a 22-year-old woman, and Elija Harris, born in 2002 and currently a student at Northwestern University.

Eve Schiff’s Age

Eve Schiff is currently 59 years old.

FAQs about Eve Schiff (Adam Schiff’s Wife)

  • What is Eve Schiff’s profession? Eve Schiff is a social worker and also manages their home.
  • Where did Adam and Eve Schiff meet? They first crossed paths on a tennis court in Maria Del Rey, thanks to a mutual acquaintance.
  • How many children do Adam and Eve Schiff have? Adam and Eve Schiff have two children: Alexa Maria and Elija Harris.
  • What is Eve Schiff’s net worth? Eve Schiff’s estimated net worth was around $300,000 at the beginning of 2020.
  • What is Adam Schiff’s current political position? Adam Schiff currently serves as the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


In Conclusion

Eve Schiff’s life journey is marked by her diverse roles as a social worker, dedicated mother, and partner to a prominent politician. While she maintains a private profile, her contributions and experiences provide a glimpse into her fascinating life alongside Adam Schiff.

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